on vacation

2008-03-08 20:50:44 by THE-BIT

i have a lot of work (thanks teachers) so i dont have time to make new animations, what really bothersme is the fact that i wont be able to do some deep work till 2010 (thats fucked), ill try to find some time to submit something before this year ends, even if its not a masterpiece (even if its just shit).

right now im working on comics with a friend and they are looking pretty good, wanna see them???
wait for 2 years.

if you can read spanish you may find interesting my site:


and another flash tutorial

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-XbhOe pSi0

on vacation

school rumble

2008-01-13 13:34:43 by THE-BIT

well, almost 2 months since i bought my tablet... and i love it, my last animation is just an excuse to show off xD.

but seriously, i really like shcool rumble and i wanted to do something related to that anime, the fandub was made by rowendarkholme, and you can watch her fandubs with this link:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0syrH0 YEAI

oh right, i forgot, heres a flash tutorial i made weeks ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2lTAZm dzFo

school rumble

my latest animation

2007-12-22 07:12:55 by THE-BIT

Good to see that you are reading, my latest flash was a one day job (too many hours) i tried to be original at the end of the story, was it original? please, i need your opinion.

by the way, i run a comic with a friend, and ive been thinking about animate those comics, they are quite funny and full of geek culture, if time is on my side (and some good voice actors) all-purpose the comic wiil be on newgrounds before february :).

my latest animation


2007-12-17 08:19:14 by THE-BIT

I need some help here, i bought a new wacom tablet (wich is great) but id like to know what settings i should use, i have alway worked with vectors but i think im ready to use the brush, can somebody help me?

by the way, do you know g√ľnther? hes so funny and talented.... like paris hilton xD.

this is a video i made about him


with a brief intro in spanish